About Us

Busy Little Beavers began in 1992.

We started on our road to quality early education upon entering Keystone STARS program in 2004. In 2007, we became a STAR 3 facility, and by that time had an established preschool program. In 2011 we expanded our preschool program to three levels; Primary Pre-school (age3), Intermediate Pre-school (age 4) and PreK (Kindergarten eligible the following school year). Also, in that year, we started using The Creative Curriculum, The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos, and Teaching Strategies Gold, all of which are aligned with the PA Early Learning Standards. We became licensed in 2015 as a Pennsylvania Department of Education Private Academic Preschool, and opened our Pre-K Counts classroom in early 2016.  We continue to provide outstanding infant and toddler care, as well as our preschool programs. We have 5 different levels of infant toddler care that are divided by age group.  This ensures that your child can grow and learn with children in their own peer group and continue with that same group throughout their early childhood years.   . Our mission is quite simple. Busy Little Beavers is committed to providing learning experiences for each child in preparation for success and school readiness in a warm, and caring atmosphere. We provide a learning environment that supports children to develop the skills necessary for them to construct their own knowledge and prepare them for their next school environment. That being said, our vision encompasses our mission. Guided by high expectations coupled with the knowledge that all children learn at different levels and rates, we will provide children with a broad range of developmentally appropriate activities that will enrich their abilities in the following areas: literacy and language, cognitive, social-emotional, physical, science, social studies, mathematics, and creative arts. Children will have a safe and nurturing environment. Children will lean to solve problems and express their feelings through words and other creative areas. Children will be exposed to other cultural experiences. Parents are an integral part of the educational process. In recognition of this important role, parent involvement is actively sought, encouraged and welcomed. Children will enter kindergarten with the skills to promote lifelong learning.